Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer Adventure Is On...

The intense summer heat made me and my photographer friends from the Nikon Society of Iloilo to seek refuge in the highlands of Bucari, Leon. Its one of a kind photo trek to explore this region of the province.

It takes 30 minutes to reach the town plaza of Leon from Iloilo City. One may take a public transport while for our case we rode a private vehicle.

Capt. Jose Calugas Monument.
Capt. Calugas is the only Filipino to earn the Medal of Valor during the WWII

St Catherine de Alexandria Church, Leon, Iloilo
From the town proper it takes another 30-1 hour jeepney ride to barangay Bucari. Its a winding road on steep incline and cliffs.

The difficult journey was rewarded with a cool climate courtesy of the pine forest atop this mountain. One can also find beautiful rice terraces. However this time of the year they plant alternative crops such as corn.

Sitio Tabionan campsite offers a place to have a picnic and overnight stay on tents.

A short journey from Sitio Tabionan is Barangay Camandag. One can marvel at crystal clear water of its river. It is also the site of two waterfalls: Imoy & -------.

In the afternoon, it is best to take a short trek from the Tabionan Camp Site to the Mansiga viewing deck. The deck has the best panoramic view of the great plains of Iloilo. 

View from Mansiga Viewing Deck
Structures you can figure out from the viewing deck

Photo By Vincent Valencia

Saturday, May 3, 2014

42nd Carabao - Carroza Festival

This first article in my blog is a tribute to my roots and my hometown, Pavia. I take pride in this oldest continuing festival in the province of Iloilo, the Carabao- Carroza Festival.

The Carabao- Carroza Festival was established 42 years ago, at the dry river bed of the Aganan River that cuts through the municipality. Duri It was a simple tribute to the farmer's best friend the water buffalo and the good harvest of the farmers. The festival has now evolved to a 110 meter track race at the Pavia National High School grounds and a parade of gaily decorated carabao and carroza along the streets of the town plaza.

The Carabao is the King of the day in this festival.

The activity started early today at 7 AM with the parade of the Carroza and Carabaos. This year each participating barangay depicted their trade, culture and history through their respective carroza.
Fishing along the river and creeks using this Bamboo cages by Barangay Amparo
Hito one of the produce of Barangay Anilao 
Watermelon is abundant in Barangay Jibao-an

Corn is a staple in Barangay Pal-agon

The warm and happy people of Ungka I(Uno) is reflected in this vibrant handicraft designed carroza.
Trains used to passed the municipality as part of the Panay railway system. This reminder of history is from Barangay Ungka 2 (Dos)

Kuhol or Golden Snail, a parasite among rice farmers was collected to adorn this winning Carroza.
The race of the carabaos follows the parade. Each carabao carries with them an empty carroza and races through a 110 meter track guided by a Carabao rider. 3 heats of 6 contestant are done. The top 2 of each heat meets up for the final round of racing. The fastest carabao to reach the finish line wins the race.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The New Beginning

I've never been really good at writing my thoughts. I remember back in highschool I almost failed my English subject because I have not complied with my term paper. I cannot expound much on a subject. A few straight to the point sentences will do. But I have grown, learned a lot of things and have gained many experience. This led me to discover my skill in Photography. A tool in which I could express my thoughts and feelings. Now, I'm harnessing this blog to share my photographs as well as my personal thoughts. So enjoy Take Another Shot At Life blog.